Lowee offers free training in: “Reducing the risk of pressure ulcers”.

Pressure ulcers are a condition that can cause endless pain, and severe restrictions on the quality of life of affected persons (Hopkins, 2006).

Pressure ulcers (also known as pressure sores or bedsores) are injuries to the skin and underlying tissue, primarily caused by prolonged pressure on the skin.

Because research has shown that educating nursing staff and using a “turning team” in combination with pressure relieving mattresses   can greatly reduce the risk of pressure sores (Dunn & Stander, 2008), Lowee has partnered with Care of Sweden, a world leader in evidence-based training and pressure relieving products.

Empowered by this strategic partnership, Lowee is embarking on a campaign to create greater awareness, and to improve the knowledge and skills needed to prevent and manage pressure ulcers.

“Knowledge is extremely important. That is why continuous education is needed”.

Anne Lindeborg, the education nurse of Care of Sweden

Therefore, using the latest evidence and clinical guidelines, Lowee’s clinical team is able to provide  your carers and nursing staff with training in “Reducing the risk of pressure ulcers”.

Topics covered in the program include 1) risk factors for pressure ulcers, 2) risk assessment, 3) preventive measures, 4) categories and causes, 5) nutrition, 6) location changes and general treatment methods. These trainings are provided on-site at your facility and are free of charge.

Join us on our quest to realise the dream of a world without pressure ulcers.

Please contact Kobie to book your free training:

Sr. Kobie Snyman
M. Cur. (Nursing Research), AHMP
Clinical Manager of Lowee
At: kobie.snyman@lowee.co.za