Contur seat cushion


Contur seat cushion

Curera® Contur Seat Cushion
Comfortable And Popular Seat Cushion

is a comfortable and pressure redistribution seat cushion made from an anatomically moulded base of polyurethane foam with memory foam in the seat well.

The anatomical design distributes the pressure away from the underside of the thighs, provides an excellent and stable sitting position, good pressure redistribution for the seat bones and reduced risk of shearing.

Recesses for lumbar supports, rounded rear edge and leg divider also give it excellent stability and fit in a wheelchair. Contur provides a high level of sitting comfort and is suitable for people sitting for both longer and shorter periods.

Contur has a waterproof surface that prevents liquids from passing through and is easy to clean. The cushion comes with a durable cover in grey polyester plush with high friction.

None of Helab seat cushions and covers contains any bromide-based flame retardants or latex.

Other sizes than those listed below can be ordered.